Validation Rule Factory

If you want to validate translated attributes it could get quite complex to list all rules with corresponding attributes their own. To simplify this we've added a RuleFactory class. It get's a list of rules and you can mark the key you want to get locale aware. The factory will take the rules assigned to this "placeholder" and copy it to all corresponding locale aware keys.

$rules = RuleFactory::make([
    'translations.%title%' => 'sometimes|string',
    'translations.%content%' => ['required_with:translations.%title%', 'string'],

$validatedData = $request->validate($rules);

This will return an array which adjusted the placeholder in key and string value or array with strings to match your configured key format. The result will be:

    'translations.en.title' => 'sometimes|string',
    '' => 'sometimes|string',
    '' => 'sometimes|string',
    '' => 'sometimes|string',

    'translations.en.content' => ['required_with:translations.en.title', 'string'],
    '' => ['', 'string'],
    '' => ['', 'string'],
    '' => ['', 'string'],


To adjust the default format , prefix or suffix used by the factory you can change them in the package configuration file.

'rule_factory' => [
    'format' => \Astrotomic\Translatable\Validation\RuleFactory::FORMAT_ARRAY,
    'prefix' => '%',
    'suffix' => '%',

As format we support the two possible variants the fill() method supports.


This will create the dot-notation to support locale sub-arrays. en.content.


This will create the colon separated style. content:en

If you use the key format and want to use use it as argument for a rule you have to wrap it in quotes. required_with:"translations.content:en"


For sure you can change the default format, prefix, suffix and applied locales during runtime. To do so only pass them as parameter to the make() method.

RuleFactory::make($rules, RuleFactory::FORMAT_KEY, '{', '}', [

This will use the colon style, use { and } as delimiter and use only de and en as locales.

You can only use defined locales. Every locale that's not in Locales::all()will throw an InvalidArgumentException.

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