Locales helper

In addition to the trait we also provide a helper class \Astrotomic\Translatable\Locales it's a singleton service available as translatable.locales and \Astrotomic\Translatable\Locales . This helper manages all locales available for translation and provides several methods.

This class also implements the ArrayAccess interface to allow you to use it like a normal array.



This method will (re)load all locales from the translatable.locales config - it's called during service instantiation so you will only need it if you change the config during runtime.

If you don't have to do so to work with other packages we recommend to use the provided methods of this helper service to manipulate the available locales instead of changing the config during runtime.


Alias: toArray()

Returns all available locales as an array - the structure differs from the config one, the return final generated array with combined country locales.



Returns the current locale string.

has(string $locale)

Checks if the given locale is available in the configured set of locales.

get(string $locale)

Returns the provided locale or null if it's not set.

At all this isn't really useful except you want to build your own check if a locale is set.

add(string $locale)

Adds the given locale to the set of available locales.

The set of available locales will keep unique and this method won't throw an exception if the locale is already present.

forget(string $locale)

Removes the given locale of the available locales set.

This method won't throw an exception if the locale isn't present.


Returns the configured translatable.locale_separator locale separator used to combine language with country locales.

getCountryLocale(string $locale, string $country)

Returns the formatted country based locale.

isLocaleCountryBased(string $locale)

Checks if the given locale is a country specific locale.

getLanguageFromCountryBasedLocale(string $locale)

Returns the language locale from given country based locale.

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