If you want to store translations of your models into the database, this package is for you.

This is a Laravel package for translatable models. Its goal is to remove the complexity in retrieving and storing multilingual model instances. With this package you write less code, as the translations are being fetched/saved when you fetch/save your instance.


composer require astrotomic/laravel-translatable

Quick Example

Getting translated attributes

$post = Post::first();
echo $post->translate('en')->title; // My first post

echo $post->title; // My first post

echo $post->title; // Mein erster Post

Saving translated attributes

$post = Post::first();
echo $post->translate('en')->title; // My first post

$post->translate('en')->title = 'My cool post';

$post = Post::first();
echo $post->translate('en')->title; // My cool post

Filling multiple translations

$data = [
  'author' => 'Gummibeer',
  'en' => ['title' => 'My first post'],
  'fr' => ['title' => 'Mon premier post'],
$post = Post::create($data);

echo $post->translate('fr')->title; // Mon premier post





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