Stancy can generate a sitemap using spatie/laravel-sitemap. It allows you to add whole collections but also single pages to a sitemap.

prepare Pages

By default you can't add a page to your sitemap. You have to use a \Astrotomic\Stancy\Models\PageData class which defines the toSitemapItem() method. The easiest way is to use the \Astrotomic\Stancy\Contracts\Routable interface and \Astrotomic\Stancy\Traits\PageHasUrl trait. After this you only have to define the getUrl() method which is also useful to add the page to a feed or generate a link to it in a view.


namespace App\Pages;

use Astrotomic\Stancy\Contracts\Routable;
use Astrotomic\Stancy\Models\PageData;
use Astrotomic\Stancy\Traits\PageHasContent;
use Astrotomic\Stancy\Traits\PageHasSlug;
use Astrotomic\Stancy\Traits\PageHasUrl;

class Post extends PageData implements Routable
    use PageHasSlug, PageHasContent, PageHasUrl;

    public function getUrl(): string
        return route('', ['post' => $this->slug]);

Sitemap response

The following code snippet will show you how to return a sitemap within your routes. The sitemap will contain all pages in the static and blog collection.


use Astrotomic\Stancy\Facades\SitemapFactory;

Route::get('/sitemap.xml', function () {
    return SitemapFactory::makeFromSheetList(['static', 'blog']);

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